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Are your salespeople frustrated by their performance?

The WINS Model™ is a practical, actionable, data-driven process that scales your sales organization with the highest probability of success. You’ll experience record earnings and revenue growth—all while empowering each member of your team to become a reliable top performer.

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How do you know it’s time to change?

The truth is, 86%* of sales organizations can’t produce their own top performers. Translation? How your team members perform will always reflect the quality of the processes and systems supporting them.

(*Based on two-million+ salespeople studied)

One or more of these realities is sabotaging your sales team.


You have too many salespeople generating stalled opportunities and complaining about having too few leads.


You have too many salespeople negotiating from a position of weakness instead of leading buyers from a position of strength.


You have too many salespeople who race to pitch, propose and defend solutions while blaming losses on your product or price.


You have too many salespeople who do not engage decision makers, while forecasts slip and operating budgets are missed.

Together we can upgrade your revenue engine.

Using the WINS Model™, we’ll deliver three essential pillars of your new growth strategy:

A sales process that creates top performers

When sales teams struggle with stalled deals, inconsistent win rates, frequent discounting, and long sales cycles, it means your sales process does not reflect the most repeatable sales habits of your best salespeople.

A sales pipeline that predicts buyer behaviors

When sales leaders are unable to accurately forecast the quality, value, and timing of a committed deal, it means the data in your sales pipeline and CRM does not reflect the most predictable buying patterns of your best customers.

A sales strategy that unites your go-to-market team

When your sales strategy falls short of its target, it often means your branding, marketing, sales, and customer experience teams are operating as disconnected silos instead of a single, scalable revenue engine.

In 30-minutes I can help you identify what’s missing and build a bridge to where you want to be.

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You need a more reliable path to success.

Since 1991, I have helped more than 7,500 startups, scaleups, family businesses, and global enterprises across 100+ industries learn how to reset their expectations for growth.

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“James helped us establish a well-defined selling strategy, hire sales personnel, and achieve new sales with high-value clients. Most importantly, we have a scalable sales organization and an exceptional partner we can turn to.”

Nino Cervi

VP and Partner

“Around the office, the phrase ‘use the Rores method’ is shorthand for ‘your job isn’t to pitch, it’s to ask better questions, get to the problem, and figure out whether you can provide value.’ James has helped us think clearly about what it means to truly partner with the companies and executives we serve.”

Juli Anne Patty

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, VerticalXchange

“James has been in the sales trenches for decades and has created a formulaic and effective approach to scaling our sales organization. We landed our biggest deal to date using the WINS Model sales framework.”

Steve White

CEO & Founder, Clarivoy

“James and his team diagnose risk, develop a sound strategy, and execute on a plan to win deals and build a great sales organization. He is a trusted partner for many companies in our portfolio.”

Mike McCann

Chief Business Development Officer

“Even seasoned sales leaders need re-calibration. James does a terrific job at turning the WINS Model into something practical and actionable. You can apply his coaching to your customer engagements immediately and it really does make a difference.”

Rob Minto

Sales Leader, MavenVue

“James has been invaluable for our organization. He has a very genuine compassion for helping those seeking a better path forward…coupled with strong business acumen and his ability to help individuals push beyond the comfort zone and be open and honest with themselves; simply impactful.”

Greg Bechert

Managing Partner, Scioto Energy

“We worked with James to help hire our first key sales person and were impressed with the quality of candidates we had to choose from..all of whom were aligned with the right skills and culture fit.”

Sheri Chaney Jones

CEO & Founder, SureImpact

“Working with James has been one of the most refreshing business experiences I’ve had in 28 years operating my 4th generation family business. James keeps me focused and gives me clairvoyance when needed.”

Andy Shaffer


“We’ve come out the other side with a more honed sense of priorities and confidence when it comes to leading and building our sales team. James has been an important catalyst in our development as a company and a sales organization and I highly recommend his services.”

Wayne Lewis

President, 614 Media Group

“The word catalyst comes to mind when reflecting on the dynamic impact James has on an organization and its team. His positive, influential style, coupled with his ability to gain instantaneous trust with his constituency makes him a powerhouse with any sales organization.”

Christine Copper

Senior Director, Red Cross Blood Services

“James has been invaluable for our organization. He has a very genuine compassion for helping those seeking a better path forward…coupled with strong business acumen and his ability to help individuals push beyond the comfort zone and be open and honest with themselves; simply impactful.”

Randy Smith

CFO, NC4, Inc.

“Unlike a typical recruiter, James and his team took time to understand the intricate makeup of our company, territory and sales organization. He led us through a data-centric process that delivered candidates who had the highest probability for success. Highly recommended!"

JC Powell

VP of Sales Regional & National Accounts, Boon Edam

“Since working with James 2011, our organization has experienced record annual growth … he provided the tools I needed to empower my reps to be true sales leaders.”

Valerie Currin

President & Managing Director

"Without question, James is an incredible sales coach that brings a very high level of sales expertise, energy, and professionalism to the table. I consider James a mentor and a friend. Highest recommendation.”

Douglas Young

SVP Sales, Insurance, Workers' Comp, Third Party Claims Administration, Managed Care, Pharmacy Benefit Management

“I’ve been selling over 40 years and the processes James taught were outstanding. All were enlightening to me and encouraged me to improve my sales skills. You will not regret or forget James and his teachings.”

Scott Bryan RCDD

Regional Sales Manager

“I have personally & radically changed my approach to engaging C-Suite contacts. Any sales executive whose team’s forecasts and results are falling short of their growth goals should engage with James.”

Jeff Hafer

Enterprise Technology Sales Leader

“James has the gift of making you uncomfortable and more confident at the same time…a critical part to any team that is committed to growth. He will challenge your team to make commitments that net real results.”

Mark Perkins

VP of Enterprise Accounts, Boon Edam, Americas

“James is the real deal. Two days of coaching with James totally changed my perspective on the sales process and how to pitch our products and services. I am looking forward to applying new strategies and continuing to work with him in the future.”

Ryan Prestel

Serial Entrepreneur

“James is an excellent coach who's methodologies are spot on for what's needed in a modern sales organization. I would recommend James to anyone seeking revenue growth in their organization.”

Josh Dempsey

Serial SaaS Sales Executive, 3x World Series of Poker Winner

“I have attended many sales trainings over the years. James’ approach to selling using the WINS Model breaks the sales process down into a strategic easy to understand and easy to follow process. I commend you sir. Keep rocking out in the market as you continue to help sales leaders and team's grow!”

Benny Middleton

Vice President of Channel and Alliances, DC BLOX

“Through the focus of James and his team we were able to hire 8 new Account Executives, train them and see productivity in record time … most were producing and hitting quotas after the second month! I highly recommend James to any organization as a coach, mentor, and consultant.”

Jason Chadwick

Director of Enterprise Sales

“I have been in sales my entire professional career. This was the first time I experienced sales training that aligned with my core values and motivated me to pick up a training manual. I am forecasting more accurately, selling more consistently, and winning some of the biggest deals of my career.”

Melissa Herbst

Enterprise Account Executive

"James provided sales and leadership coaching to our professional services organization. The results were outstanding, as measured by revenue, employee engagement, opportunity growth and record earnings.”

Scott Rhyan

VP of Cloud & Professional Services, Advizex

“150% sales growth in just 6 months. James and his team will help you make order out of chaos.”

Phil George

Co-Founder & CEO, MentorcliQ

“Working with James is like adding a third-stage booster to a Saturn 5 rocket–you might get to space without it, but never to the moon.”

Andy George

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, MentorcliQ

“During our partnership with James, Boon Edam has enjoyed 3 consecutive years of record sales and profit growth.”

Greg Schreiber

Senior VP of Sales, Boon Edam, Americas

“I've been an investor and operator of a number of tech start-ups over the years. I've had the pleasure of working with James with several early-stage tech companies over the years. He's a rare find--a very experienced sales leader who also does an excellent job as a founder coach. James is the real deal.”

Bob Wiggins

CEO, Board Member, Business Advisor, Investor

"Don't fall in love with your product; fall in love with your customer's problem." James understands that the sales profession requires a leadership competency that applies in all aspects of life. You can expect a shift in mindset when working with James. Having him in your foxhole is a tremendous asset.”

Gary Zuder

VP Sales

My light hearted nickname for James is "Yoda" due to his ability to coach the techniques required to harness ones inner strengths. His creative strategies are respectful to individual selling styles and net desired outcomes. He is the utmost professional.”

George Vadyak

Senior Vice President, Commercial, Government, and Federal Sales

“I don't care what business you're in, an organization's only lasting competitive advantage is its people. If you want to be the best, your people have to do their job better than everyone else.”

Patrick Nora

President of Boon Edam, Americas

3x ROI Guarantee

Since opening my doors in 2006, I have been committed to building a 100% referenceable client base, unconditionally guaranteeing the satisfaction of more than 7500 leaders and teams on a session-by-session basis.

My 3X ROI Guarantee takes this commitment to the next level by adding a performance-based component to my compensation, giving you greater control over the satisfaction, profitability and return on your investment.

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Sales shortcuts are expensive.

The hard truth: You don't need another quick fix. You need the predictable buying patterns and repeatable sales habits of a scalable revenue engine.

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Reach your goals. Sustain your growth. Build a team of top performers.

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